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Admission To The Rhinoplasty Doctors Office

Insertion in waiting lists: Patients already examined, for whom the actual need for hospitalization has been ascertained by the doctor of the Salus Nursing Home and who have expressed their intention to do so, are automatically included in the list of waiting for surgery.

Confirmation of intervention date: The patient is contacted by the staff of the Salus Nursing Home to communicate the date of the intervention and that of the pre-operative examinations.

Pre-operative examinations: A few days before admission, the patient goes to the Preoperative Clinic, where he performs the pre-operative examinations.

Discharge: Upon discharge, the patient receives the discharge letter, prepared by the Service doctor, which contains the diagnosis, the complete description of the intervention, the recommended therapy and the recommendations to be followed at home. The letter also indicates a telephone number at which doctors are available 24 hours a day only for post-operative emergencies.

Follow-up visits: The patient is followed up in the first post-surgery period with follow-up visits and surgical wound dressing services. After the first 30 days after discharge, patients independently book the check-up visit with the service doctor.

Outpatient clinics

Booking: The services provided in a private regime can be booked by calling the Nursing Home switchboard in the manner and times indicated in the contact section at the top of the page.

Warning! Visits and exams not cancelled at least 24 hours in advance may be charged.

Service: On the established date, in advance of the time of the appointment, the patient who accesses the outpatient services must report to the Laboratory and Outpatient Admission Office. Once the acceptance and payment procedures have been completed, the patient performs the requested service.

At the end of the specialist visit, the doctor draws up a report in which he describes the results, possibly requests further tests, formulates the diagnostic hypothesis, indicates the medical therapy to be followed and further checks to be carried out as part of a therapeutic continuity or suggests hospitalization hospital for surgery and prepares the papers to put the patient on the surgical waiting list.

Collection of reports: The reports of the visits are delivered directly by the doctor at the end of the visit.

Waiting time

The admissions in the private regime are planned according to flexibility criteria that take into account the patient’s requests and the availability of beds and operating sessions of the Nursing Home and therefore the waiting times are a few days.

Outpatient clinics

Waiting times for all services provided in a private regime are a few days.…